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Spurs and latigo

February 8, 2012


Saturday found my family and I back at the Fort Worth Stock Show for it’s final day.  Most of the animals had been sold off or gone home, but we were still able to find things to look at!

Stock Show0001Stock Show0002Stock Show0003Stock Show0004Stock Show0005Stock Show0010Stock Show0011Stock Show0012Stock Show0017Stock Show0019Stock Show0020Stock Show0022Stock Show0023STOCKSHOW1000STOCKSHOW1002STOCKSHOW1005STOCKSHOW1006STOCKSHOW1007STOCKSHOW1008STOCKSHOW1009STOCKSHOW1010STOCKSHOW1011STOCKSHOW1012

You can see my previous trip to the Stock Show here.

I love going to walk through all of the barns.  I was especially looking forward to the Poultry Barn, but we missed it this year! Sad smile  That’s ok.  I already know what chickens I want…I think!

Next weekend we’ll visit the Dallas International Boat Show!  Boats are just as much fun as livestock!

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