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Surviving the weekend

January 16, 2012

What a great weekend!

We watched a riveting basketball game.

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We started work on a major project at the house.

We watched a little football.

We played with the dogs.

And we didn’t eat out at all!  Major success!


Chicken and Rice with salad (mixed greens topped with rosemary olive oil and flavored balsamic vinegar)IMG_0241


Steak night!  with roasted new potatoes, grilled asparagus, and garlic focaccia bread.  (No pictures were taken, I ate it too fast!)

We were successful this Saturday because of two things I did that I neglected to do last weekend.  First, I made sure everyone ate something before we left the house.  I had a banana with a scoop of Dark Chocolate Almond Butter.  Second, I made a trail mix of sorts that we took with us in case we got hungry.  It consisted of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, dried bananas, dark chocolate chips, and rice Chex.  We didn’t actually break into it until we got home, but it was with us in case we needed it.  We also each had a water bottle.  Sandwiches were ready to go as soon as we got home, since we were going to be hungry as we walked in the door!


Ribs cooked on the smoker with baked potatoes.  I topped my potato with butter, Greek yogurt and English Cheddar Cheese.  We started the day off with a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs over easy and pancakes.  I highly recommend these pancakes!  In fact, we had some left over that I froze for breakfasts throughout the week.  I may even make another batch.

Next Week’s Planned Workouts

Last week was not a great workout week.  Towards the end of the week we both lost our drive.  I chalked it up as a loss, and decided to just repeat the week.

Sunday: 3 mile long run [done]

Monday: NROLFW 1B

Tuesday: 25 minute easy run

Wednesday: NROLFW 1A

Thursday: Speedwork (6×400)

Friday: NROLFW 1B

Saturday: Rest

I don’t normally do 3 days of strength training in 1 week, but since I didn’t get two in last week, I need to play catch up this week.  I like to give my legs a rest day after Sunday’s long run, but it was only 3 miles, so, for me, this doesn’t really count as a long run.  In a couple of weeks when we’re up to 5 miles, then we’ll take Monday off to give our legs a chance to recover.  I also like to plan a rest day after speedwork, but I think the rest day before a long run (Sunday: 4 miles) is more important.  And I know that Saturdays are very difficult for us to stick to a workout plan.

Next week we’ll be back to two strength sessions, so our week will look like this:

Sunday: 4 mile long run

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 minute easy run; NROLFW 1A

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Speedwork (8×400)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: NROLFW 1B (or rest if we do strength on Friday).

I’m also VERY excited that this 8 week training plan culminates the weekend of the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth.  We will be running in the 5k on Saturday and aiming for a sub-30 minute time!  Ron and I would love to have more people run with us!  Sign up if you’re in the area.  If you’re already signed up, let me know!

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