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New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2012


In recent years I haven’t bothered to set any New Year’s Resolutions.  They were pointless, and broken within a week, day, and, in some cases, hour.  This year, however, I did set a few goals for the upcoming year.  I’m putting them out there on the internet to hold myself accountable.  Some will take work and commitment to stick to, others are just building on steps I’ve already taken.

This year I want to:

Run another half marathon and beat my previous time of 2:28:30.

Run a sub-30 5K.  I’m starting on that training plan this week.  Depending on how that goes, I’d like to also run a sub-25 5K.

Start and finish “>NROLFW.  That starts today, too!

Cook more and rely on store-bought staples less.

Eat out less.  We currently eat dinner at restaurants 3-4 times a week.  I’m starting this with a challenge for myself.  If you’d like to join in, let me know.  I got this idea from a Facebook friend; you can thank her.  I’ll talk about it below.

Focus on more time with my family.  With my hour commute, fitness commitments and busy schedule, this is getting very difficult.  But I know that the time I have left before my daughter no longer has time for me is very short.  I need to take advantage of what time is left.

Grow this blog.

Learn to use my new “>camera to its full potential.

I think 8 is a good number.  I have some others I’d like to see happen, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress. (I guess that’s my 11th goal…)

Above I mentioned a month-long challenge that I’m issuing to myself (and my family gets to suffer through it, too).

I am challenging myself to stay out of restaurants for the entire month of January.

Holy cow.  That looks scarier on paper than I thought it would.

In order to make this happen, I’m going to have to be diligent in planning and prepping.  We started basketball this week and have practices twice a week for the next 5 years…ok, 6-8 weeks.  On those nights, I’ll be relying on the crockpot or leftovers.

Ron is exempt on his out of town trips.  But when he’s home, he’s subject to my cooking.  [insert evil laugh]

Ok.  Here goes nothing!  I’ve got several posts I owe you re: Disney, Fall Garden 2011, Spring Garden 2012, backyard chickens and more.  See you soon!

What are some of your 2012 goals?  If you’re interested in joining me for 31 days restaurant free, let me know!  It will probably be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever challenged myself to, but it will be completely worth it!

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