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10 Things Wednesday

November 3, 2011

halloween mums

So much has happened since the last time I wrote an actual post, so here’s a quick update.  Enjoy!

1.  G had a birthday.  Which included Ron’s first slumber party.  He survived…barely!

Gillian's Slumber Party Gillian's Slumber Party Gillian's Slumber Party
Gillian's Birthday Gillian's Birthday Gillian's Birthday
Gillian's Birthday Gillian's Birthday Gillian's Birthday
Gillian's Birthday Gillian's Birthday Gillian's Birthday

2.  I ran 9 miles.  It almost killed me.  Not really, I’m just a wimp.

9 mile splits

3.  I made cake pops.  I was supposed to get finished pictures, but I didn’t.  Blogger fail!

Cake Pops I made jack-o-lanterns and chocolate pops out of chocolate cake and chocolate icing.  I made One-Eyed Purple People-Eaters and eyeballs out of red velvet cake and vanilla icing.  I didn’t really like the flavor, but I was pleased with the decorations.  They weren’t perfect, but I liked them!  And they were a hit!  I took my inspiration from here.  Thank you, Pioneer Woman!

4.  We had a Halloween Party.  I was a witch.  Not a real stretch.  Ron was a felon with a mullet.  Do you like how we coordinated?  Best couples costumes hands down.Winking smile  Too bad we couldn’t win a prize!

Halloween Party

5.  I ran 10 miles the day after our Halloween Party.  I was hung over, but it didn’t kill me!  In fact, I felt great!  Until about an hour later, when all I wanted to do was go to bed and sleep for another month.  Instead we went to the grocery store.  Fun.10 mile splits

10 mile details  It wasn’t fast, but it was faster than the 9 miles I did the week before!

6.  Someone had a tooth pulled today.  Poor kid!  She still had homework to do after we got home!  All she wanted to do was sleep. 

After her tooth was pulled

7.  The cold front that’s blowing in brought a lot of wind.  The dogs are a little scared, so I decided we should have a photo shoot to distract them.  I think it worked!

puppies puppies
puppies puppies

She gave me a kiss in the last picture.  I promise I am not impersonating a pirate.  I think she was thanking me for the distraction…or just wanted me to go away.

8.  I am in love with Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies.  I am so thankful they are now in my life.  I just finished the last one, so I will be making another batch very soon.  You really must try them. 

9.  Most of the Halloween decorations are down.  I had to leave these very special decorations up for another few days.  G did a wonderful job with them!

gillians pumpkins

10.  11 days to go.  I’m freaking out.  And I haven’t booked a hotel room yet.

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  1. Ron permalink
    November 3, 2011 2:38 pm

    Book the room already!!!

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