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October 26, 2011


It’s been too long since I’ve written again.  I haven’t known how to say what I want to say.  I haven’t been able to think about this post without crying. 


Last week, Tuesday morning, we lost Pico.  He was attacked Saturday and struggled to stay with us.  But his injuries were too extensive for his tiny body to sustain. 

phone pics 001

I never voiced this, but he was my favorite of all the pets I’ve ever had.  To say that he is missed doesn’t begin to describe the void.


Four years ago we rescued him from a family that no longer wanted him and were going to dump him.  I never understood how they could have given him up.  He was so sweet and loving to us and our two big dogs from the very beginning.


He and Ron had a very rocky relationship, but there was true affection between the two of them in spite of it.  Ron was Pico’s hero.  I was the lady who was more than happy to rub his belly any time he demanded asked.  Gillian was the girl who kept him clothed.  You can tell he loved it.







He was happy in our small house, but really loved the new one.  The large back yard provided so much room to run and play.  The bunnies in the pasture were fun to harass.  The birds provided constant entertainment.  The steady flow of visitors to the house gave him someone new to cuddle with almost weekly.


After moving, he quickly developed a new game with the birds in the backyard.  He would stand under the tree they were in barking utnil they flew to the next tree.  He would chase them back and forth barking the whole time.  I’m sure my neighbors thought it was annoying, but I thought it was adorable and always thought I should probably get a picture.  I never did. 



We kept the treats in the pantry in this house.  Every time I went into the kitchen, he would rush to the pantry door and wait patiently for it to open.  He would then walk in and sit by the treats.  I shut him in the pantry so many times the first couple of weeks in the house, I started leaving the pantry door open as long as I was in the kitchen.  One evening he fell asleep waiting by the treats.  As soon as I went to grab my camera, he woke up.  Missed it!


He was the biggest, cockiest little dog I’ve ever met.  He wasn’t afraid of anything and just knew he could conquer the world.  He thought this was his house.  We were definitely his humans.


He rocked the “Pico ear” where one ear would be cocked back.  This usually meant he had been plotting wrong-doing.  G always tried to get him to tell us what he’d been up to.  I usually found it shortly…like my chewed up soccer cleats, or half-eaten flip flips.  Guess those should have gone back to my closet.


Lou and Gandolf are still looking for him.  His room was the laundry room, where the big bed was.  That’s where he died.  Lou still goes in there to look for him.  I still look for him when I go in or walk past. 


I miss him.


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