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Garden update

October 15, 2011


The Garden

Otherwise known as the pumpkin that took over the world

PumpkinPumpkinPumpkinSee the tiny little pumpkin?  It’s going to be huge soon!PumpkinA real pumpkin actually popped up while we were gone!  Isn’t it beautiful?

First harvest!

CIMG1369CIMG1368Don’t you know?! You can only harvest zucchini at night. Winking smile  JK!  I discovered this the evening before we left for Orlando.  It had to be harvested and dealt with that night because it was HUGE!  I shredded it in the blender for zucchini muffins.  It currently resides in my freezer, waiting for the perfect baking opportunity.

Second harvest

CIMG1370I also found this little guy hiding out the night before we left for Orlando, but I decided he could grow for another week.  I’m not really sure how to store cucumbers for more than a couple of days anyway!

1st CucumberThis is what I found when we returned!  We’re waiting for Ron to get back home before we devour it.  I’m thinking it would go nicely on a sandwich.  A big, yummy veggie sandwich!  My family may think otherwise…

Why hello watermelon!

WatermelonStill all by his lonesome.  Hopefully soon I’ll get some more, but if this is the only one, I’ll make sure he feels very loved!  YUM!

In other news

I have tomatoes!  I found a Roma and one of the big ones (I can’t ever remember their name!).TomatoesIf you look very closely you will find them!

TomatoesLook how big and beautiful these tomato plants are now!  Next year, they will definitely get more than one square apiece!

Bell PeppersI have bell pepper babies! Bell Peppers

CarrotIt’s really hard to see, but there are a ton of carrot sprouts in three of the four squares up there!  I’m going to replant the fourth one this weekend.  CarrotThis one actually has a tiny carrot leaf!  They grow up so fast!

LettuceMy lettuce looks about the same.  Shortly after this picture was taken, I thinned the herd.  Now there’s only one little lettuce sprout!

OnionsRon is very excited about these two rows of green onion sprouts!  I am too, but only because I love seeing all of the green!

OnionsRed, Yellow and White onions have made an appearance in the garden.  So happy to welcome each of them!

CornThere’s corn in them thar stalks!  Open-mouthed smile  See the pretty silks!  Soon we will have one yummy ear of corn to split between the three of us!  You do the math.

Mystery SproutDue to my impatience earlier in the season, I now have several mystery sprouts.  I’m hoping it’s spinach, but I’m pretty sure it’s a lettuce.  I guess we’ll find out!

CIMG9363On that note, I’ll leave you with our crazy, happy dog who no longer smells like a skunk.  Until she gets wet.  Or comes in the house. 

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