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Menu Recap

September 13, 2011

Snack Lunch

Remember last week’s post about my weekly menu?  I thought I should update you on how that worked out. 

I did not make any of the recipes on my list, however, I did try one from my favorite new cookbook: Peas and Thank You.  Ron was out of town last week, which allowed me to have Meatless Thursday.  The Thai Veggie Burgers found in the book have been raved about by several of the bloggers on my blog roll, so I decided to give it a whirl.  I have never had a veggie burger other than a Morning Star frozen burger, and I was not a fan of those, so I knew that this “patty” would need to be completely different than a hamburger patty.  I didn’t want to bill it as a replacement, merely another option. 

The verdict?  It had a great flavor, but I couldn’t get over the texture.  I think I blended too much.  My impatience got the best of me, and I didn’t pulse it in the food processer.  I just let it go while I prepped the other ingredients.  It was too mushy, and didn’t cook up the way I expected it to, and I am pretty sure the blame for that lies squarely on my shoulders.  There is also a recipe for a Black Bean Burger that I intend to try when Ron is out of town again.  I just don’t see any way he will go for a meatless meal of any kind. Winking smile

By Saturday, I had gone through the majority of my Farmer’s Market finds, but still had all of my zucchini.  While Ron and G worked on the boat, I was tasked with making a meal that would satisfy and please both of my picky eaters.  I had seen a recipe for zucchini fritters, and decided that I had to have them.  I combined this recipe with this one to make crispy, baked fritters that turned out every bit as good as I’d hoped.  We combined those with the cheese tray above and stayed full for hours!


This week, the plan is the same.  We’re starting out the week with Elk burgers on homemade hamburger buns with the Skillet Glazed Corn with Ginger, Lime & Coconut Cara’s Cravings. 

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