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The Tempo Run That Wasn’t

September 1, 2011

I had the best of intentions.  I also had the greatest pictures.  Neither one are going to be part of this post.

On the schedule yesterday was a 4 mile tempo run.  One mile warm up, two miles at 10:03 minutes per mile, 1 mile cool down.  Please keep in mind this was my first run in over two weeks.  I knew it was going to hurt.  I knew it was going to be hot.  I knew the hills were going to kill me. 

I decided to map my path around the loop.  I wanted to see the elevation. You know, to prove to you how difficult my run was.

 It was only a 5!  Easy!  But do you see those slopes?!  When I mapped my longer loop, it wasn’t even rated! 

So I had to suck it up, and tell myself that this loop wasn’t that hard.  Runners the world over had it way more difficult than me.  Some people may even have to run a loop that’s rated a 4, or, heaven forbid, a 3! 

So the shoes went on, the gps on the phone started up and the door to the garage opened. 

What followed can best be described as torture.  It was hot, but that wasn’t bothering me.  It was quiet with no music, but, again, that had no effect.  It was the hills. I ended up walking 3/4 of a mile into my warm up mile.  I rested at my driveway for a drink of water, then started off down the hill at a faster pace.  For most of that mile I held a steady pace at just under 10 minutes.  It was mostly downhill.  At the bottom of the hill, and the end of my first mile, I paused to take a picture of the picturesque red barn.  You can’t see it. 

I walked to the end of the road (less than 200 yards) and took a picture of the rustic single lane bridge down the road.  You can’t see it, either.

I turned around and started back.  Uphill.  I paused to take a picture of the horse and donkey grazing right by the road.  You can’t see them. 

I struggled.  I walked partially up the steepest hills.  I veered off that path to go around the loop.  This extended my run.  I knew if I kept going straight, I would end up back at my driveway, and I wouldn’t go any further. 

A couple of bunnies darted in front of me, but I didn’t get a picture.  Breathing was more important at that point. 

I finally made it around after pausing to take a couple of pictures of the dog that wanted to attack me.  As evidence.  It’s a good thing he didn’t come after me since you can’t see those pictures either.  (We have fences here, but the gates are rarely closed.  I do have to watch out for dogs.  I need to start carrying mace with me to scare them off.  Or rocks.)

This is how it ended.

Running Activity 3.40 mi | RunKeeper.

As for the pictures you can’t see?  My phone ate them when I got home.  But you didn’t really want to see those pictures of the bunny next to my garden, did you?

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