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Back on the Road

August 30, 2011

With only 11 weeks left until the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon in San Antonio, I figured it was time to start running again.  I haven’t run since 9/12 – over 2 weeks ago.  I’m really uncertain about my tempo run on Tuesday, but I know I can make it.  The only question is, where?

With the temperature well over 100 when I get home from work until after dark, I have a very difficult time convincing myself to go outside for anything more than the walk to the vegetable garden.

It’s still dark outside when I wake up at 6:15 and I live in the country with narrow, hilly roads so that’s out of the question.  My treadmill display doesn’t work, so it’s impossible for me to do any more than guess at my pace and distance when I run on it.  Tempo Runs and Speedwork are especially difficult.  So my best bet is the run in sweltering heat after work.  Maybe if I go about 7:00 it won’t be too bad.  I’ll let you know on Tuesday!

I’m trying to update my Training page, but I have no idea how to make a table.  Once I figure that out, it should be legible!

The plan this week is as follows:

Monday: Strength CNW w1d1
Tuesday: Tempo Run (Dist: 4 miles; incl: warm up, 2 miles @ 10:00 pace, cool down)
Wednesday: Strength CNW w1d2
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Long Run 5 miles @ 11:43
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Easy Run 3 miles @ 11:43
Total Weekly Mileage: 12 miles

The long and easy runs are excruciatingly slow, but that’s what Smart Coach has prescribed me since my goal for my half marathon is a 10:00 pace.  I usually end up going closer to 11:00 per mile.

76 days to go!

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