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The Garden Week 4

August 29, 2011
Hello Pumpkin!

Has it really been only four weeks?!  I feel like I’ve been experimenting in my little garden for far longer than just four weeks!

I have had some successes (see left), and many failures so far.  I would like to mention here that this fall garden is an experiment.  And, of course, I pick one of the most difficult summers for growing to try my experiment!  I have had so many seeds sprout in the morning, then dry up to nothing by nightfall.  My cantaloupe, crookneck squash, broccoli and leaf lettuce have not survived the brutal temperatures and direct west sun. 
I finally took the time last week to put one of our brand new canopies up over the west side of the garden to shade it during the hottest part of the day.
This picture was taken just minutes before a freak wind storm blew through.  I did not properly secure the canopy (read, didn’t secure at all).  We haven’t had rain or strong wind in months!  By the time I realized what was blowing through, the canopy was a mangled mess in the trees behind it. 
I managed to drag it into the garage and get it folded up (the next day), but I think the frame is useless and there are holes (small ones) in the top.  Oops!
Can you believe with all these threatening clouds and loud booms of thunder that we didn’t get one drop of rain!
So many plants have done so well, while some have not.  A couple of weeks ago, I was so excited about my leaf lettuce and broccoli sprouts, but both are gone now. 

The new canopy
The Garden
Bell Pepper Plants
Newest planting
Summer Squash and Cantaloupe – third time’s a charm?

This week I planted direct from seed: Carrots, Lettuce (both head and leaf), Broccoli (again, I refuse to give up!), Spinach, Swiss Chard, and Kale.

I also tried something new.  I am trying seeds started indoors for some that I think aren’t sprouting outside because it’s too hot. 
Inside Seeds

I started Swiss Chard x2, Kale, Spinach x3, Broccoli, Head Lettuce, Leaf Lettuce x2 and Green Beans x2. Several of these I have tried to start from seed directly outside and have had no luck. At this point, even if it doesn’t produce food, I at least want a plant! Give me a seedling!

Also, if you are in the north Texas or Austin area and are interested in starting your own garden, check out Citizen Gardener.  This is a great resource for your area.  They also have workshops on starting your own organic vegetable garden, scheduled to coincide with the growing season.



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