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July 21, 2011
A long time ago, when I was new to this whole fitness thing (I say that like I’m an expert now!) I was active on SparkPeople. I still have a profile there, but I no longer login daily to spin the wheel. Or track my workouts. I do that now with RunKeeper and Virtual Run Across America (I am user 61007 so now you can follow me!). Occasionally I would blog because it was there, and I wanted to be able to look back and track my progress.
As I was poking around the site today, I remembered these blogs, and, specifically, one that I wrote as I was beginning to up my distance (and time) during C25K. I believe this was around week 7, and reading this brings back such a feeling of accomplishment. Please forgive the lack of pictures. This was before I really was obsessed with blogs even knew all that blogging could be.  I hope you enjoy it!
This is my second night in a row to complete the 25 minute run with the C25K program. I finally feel comfortable calling myself a runner. It was definitely not easy, and by the halfway point, I was ready to quit. So I started blogging in my head.
At the halfway point, my hamstrings, knees and shins are burning. My breathing is still steady, but I’m not so confident I can make it. I curse the Sonic cheeseburger, tater tots and Dr Pepper (the first in several weeks) that I had for lunch. I should have packed my lunch, I should have eaten somewhere with a healthier salad option. Yesterday I ate at Chik-Fil-A and felt so healthy and smug as I ate my grilled chicken sandwich, cup of fruit and bottle of water. Today I felt guilty. Stupid cheeseburger.
10 minutes left, I’ve made it more than halfway! I tell myself that it’s all downhill from here. I start imagining actually running this outside, with a crowd cheering me on. When I finish this, I will have run 6 miles in 2 days of running. That is an accomplishment I’ve never achieved before.
5 minutes left, and I’ve hit my stride. Nothing hurts. I can stand up taller, swing my arms a little more. I check my posture to make sure that my shoulders are still low and relaxed. I feel GREAT! Holla Back Girl comes on the iPhone. What a great song to run to. And perfect timing too! I pick up my pace a little, and think “I can make it.” Then, halfway through the song…
2 minutes left! I will finish! There is no chance that I will not run this entire session.
And before I know it, there is 1 minute left. I kick the speed up just a little and really stretch my legs. It feels great! I have completed 2 sessions. This is not just a fluke. I have really, in just 6 short weeks, become a runner. I can now join the ranks of those peaceful people who run outside on beautiful days.
I am a runner. Four beautiful words.
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