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It’s back!

July 20, 2011

You never regret a workout.

This has been my mantra for days now. And it’s amazing what a really good run will do for your motivation!

Look at that! It’s a new personal record! I have never run farther than a 5k, and today I beat that by a long shot!

That’s one happy runner!

Today’s run was a tempo run. The total distance was 4 miles. The first a warm up jog at 11:45 minute mile, the next 2 miles at a 9:49 minute mile, and the last mile was a cool down at 11:45 minute mile. I totally rocked it!

I have changed up my half marathon training. I originally was planning to run in October, but I’ve decided to run in November in the Rock ‘n’ Roll half in San Antonio. I also originally had my long runs on Sunday. This was really not working for me, and I’ve missed the last two long runs which really messed with my motivation. So today I changed up my plan and will be running easy runs on Sunday, Tuesday will be either speedwork or a tempo run, Friday will be my long run. Hopefully this works better.

Came home to roast for french dip cooked in the crockpot, added steamed spinach and sweet potato fries and dug in! Great dinner!

Afterwards I sat out and watched the kids play catch.

Teaching G how to handle the glove.

Do you see Lou waiting for the nephew to throw the ball! So patient.



Playing keep-away!

Time to rest!

And now it’s time for me to watch some baseball! Go Rangers!

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