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Breakfast for Dinner

July 15, 2011

Breakfast has long been one of my favorite dinners. When G and I are on our own, it’s usually on the menu. Yesterday afternoon I texted the kids and asked their preference for dinner, breakfast or homemade pizza. I got a unanimous “breakfast!” The question, though, has always been, how do you get vegetables into this meal?


I had this produce on hand, and the spinach and strawberries needed to be used. My drive home was consumed with thoughts of vegetables and eggs, berries and pancakes. How do I use them to provide a healthy and delicious meal?



The Method

I chopped up the strawberries and threw them in a skillet with a little maple syrup. Boiled until reduced and the strawberries were soft, occasionally stirring so they wouldn’t burn. Those went on top of my pancakes (made from Heart Healthy Bisquick).

While those were cooking, I chopped up a handful of spinach and halved the baby tomatoes. Those went into a skillet on medium with a little butter. When they were soft, I added two scrambled eggs and cooked until done. Then I added a little Swiss cheese. Yum!

Of course G and the nephew opted for eggs over easy and plain maple syrup. Next time!

This post was brought to you by the letter “I”. As in iPad. With a special thank you to the WordPress app and Photobucket for the iPad.

Now off to do my first speedwork! I’ll let you know how it goes!

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