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Hide and Seek

July 14, 2011

Has anyone seen my motivation? I seem to have lost it…


So I didn’t post my workout recap and plan for the week on Monday because there was really nothing to recap. It was quite pitiful actually. I ran 3 miles on Tuesday. Thursday, I just couldn’t get on the treadmill, so I put it off until Friday. Then Friday I ran out of time. And Sunday I was recovering from Saturday.

My plan for this week was just to repeat last week, but I decided to stick with my plan. So here it is:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles @ 11:45 (actual 2.5 miles @ 10:30)
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Speedwork (4 miles: 1 mile warm up, 1 mile @ 9:43, 1/2 mile jog, 1 mile @ 9:43, cool down)
Friday: Strength
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Long run (4 miles @ 11:45)

Wish me luck! I’m really going to have to push myself to get on the treadmill. I really also need to get at least 40 minutes of strength training in this week.

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