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July 5, 2011


No see!

We are back from Cozumel and finally settling back into our routine.  I’ll have our Cozumel post up soon.  I hope. 🙂

Because I’m having such a difficult time keeping up with the blog, I’m going to set up the following post schedule. 

  • Monday: Training Plan for the upcoming week and recap of the previous week
  • Wednesday:  Random thoughts (travel, books, home, etc)
  • Friday/Saturday: Menu plan for the upcoming week

Monday is really going to be the most difficult for me to keep up with, and I may need to change that post to Sunday, but we’ll see how it goes.  I’m starting on a women’s indoor soccer team next week.  I am so excited!  I played on a coed team a few years ago with Ron and really loved it, but I haven’t ever played on an all girl team.  I’m eager to play again.  I’ll let you know how that goes!

We had our first family get-together on Saturday for my Nana’s 78th Birthday. 

(That’s her in the middle at my wedding.) I loved having all of the family over at my house and am really looking forward to having them back!
Look what Mom & Dad brought me!

Jars for all of my bulk stuff!  Now I need chalkboard paint to make the labels.  Or I’m going to order some from Etsy.  Haven’t decided yet.
The Plan:

OK, here is the workout plan for this week:

Monday: 20 minutes strength training
Tuesday: 3 miles @ 11:45 pace
Wednesday: 20 minutes strength training
Thursday: 3 miles @ 11:45 pace
Friday: 20 minutes strength training
Saturday: off
Sunday: 4 miles @ 11:45 pace


Last week was OK.  I really only got one day of strength training in, but I got two of three planned runs in.  Thursday I did 2 miles @ 10:34 pace (a little faster than I was supposed to do).  Sunday I did 3 miles at about 11:00 minutes per mile.

My dinner plan for next week:

This week is from the Allrecipes menus.  I’m not feeling very creative right now, so this seemed good enough.  This one is the 5 No Fuss Summer Dinners.  I also have an eggplant and several summer squash from my CSA box that I’ll work in this week.

Home Improvements

We are so lucky in that the house we just moved into is so well finished out.  There are a few things that we want to do to the house, but nothing was really pressing.  Except the lavender hall bath that our guests use.  I completely forgot to take a “before” picture, but trust me, it was not pretty!
So Ron and the nephew painted this afternoon!

We plan to add white bead board and a chair rail, but for now the brown paint is so much better than what was originally there!
The other big project that we hope to undertake very soon is in the master bedroom & bathroom. 

Can you guess?

If you guessed upholstered walls, you were right!  I’m sure the original owners had good intentions, but this is completely not our style!  I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

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