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>Training Recap

June 14, 2011

>I made it through last week’s training plan.  I ended up taking both Friday and Saturday off, because I had pain in my right foot during Thursday’s run.  On Wednesday I did Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, which has caused me foot pain in the past.  I know from experience that continuing to run on it before it feels better only makes it unbearable.  I did complete Thursday’s run, and the pain went away when I focused on landing on the center of my foot.  As slow as I’m going right now, I have a tendency to land on the outside of my foot, which only exacerbates the problem.

So here’s the recap:
(You can also see my activities at RunKeeper and my virtual run across America mileage here)

Monday: Jillian Michael’s Shred it With Weights
Tuesday: 2 miles @ 11:45 pace on the treadmill
Wednesday:  30 Day Shred
Thursday: 2 miles @ 11:45 pace on the treadmill
Friday & Saturday: off
Sunday: 2 miles @ 11:47 pace outside (with my killer hills!) 

Unfortunately, because the signal is so bad, I guess my splits weren’t recorded on RunKeeper from Sunday.  This is very disappointing because I was counting on that to see how my pace was.  I forgot to stop it as soon as I hit two miles, so my pace is a little off.  However, you can see from the elevation, that I do have some pretty major hills to conquer on my loop!  Sunday was very difficult.  I seemed to do fine, until my last big hill.  The top of it is at 3/4 mile, then it levels out a little, then I have another incline at the mile mark.  I also had a little too much to drink the night before (love, love, love Sangria) and didn’t properly hydrate and fuel before my morning run.  So this week, I will be watching my Saturday night drinking very closely, and make sure to supplement with lots of water!

Here is this week’s plan:
Monday: Runner’s World Fully Fit Strength Training
Tuesday: 2 miles @ 11:47 pace (outside because my day is all sorts of crazy!)
Wednesday: Strength (since Ron’s out of town, I may have time for P90X core, but I’m not sure)
Thursday: 2 miles @ 11:47 pace (should be on the treadmill)
Friday: rest
Saturday: Boot Camp
Sunday: 3 miles @ 11:47 pace outside (why, hello hills!)

I was not impressed with the Runner’s World workout, but I may not have done it correctly.  It didn’t seem to challenge me at all, so I’m still looking for a short (30 minute or less) workout that I can do that will totally shred me.  Haven’t found it yet, but I am taking suggestions!

Alright, off to cook dinner, then get my run in!  I’m hoping it’s cooled off a little by 8:00… it’s 102 right now.  Ugh!

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