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June 8, 2011


This weekend we had our wine bottling party.  What is that, you ask?  Well, last October we spent the day in wonderful Grapevine.  We were wine tasting at the various wineries, browsing in the shops, and munching in the restaurants.  After several glasses of a particularly good Zinfandel, we decided to order a 1/2 barrel of it.  Several months later it was ready to bottle, but we had to postpone (and postpone) our wine bottling due to a very busy schedule.  So, finally, Saturday was here.  We gathered with my parents and some of Ron’s friends and bottled our wine.

G went with us, and we’re so glad she did!  She tutored everyone on the proper bottling procedure.  The girl may have found her calling!  Su Vino Winery was a wonderful place!  Their wines are all wonderful and their cheese and antipasto plates were very good!  We enjoyed several of them.  🙂  Our wine will be ready to drink in about six months; just in time to give some of them as gifts to our nearest and dearest!

Afterwards we took the party to Love & War in Grapevine.  I love their tamales.  They are served on a bed of tortilla chips as one of their appetizers.  They have an extensive menu of wild game and dishes from various parts of the state, but Ron and I almost always order the tamales.  They have Shiner Bock on tap, and they have live music on their outdoor stage during the spring and summer, but we have yet to make it over there for one of their performances! 

This was a completely over-indulgent day, but it was so worth spending the time with friends and family!  And any chance we get to spend time in Grapevine, we take advantage of it.

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