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>Better Late than Never

May 11, 2011

>So it’s not Sunday, and it’s not Monday.  I know I’m a couple of days later than I said I would be getting this post up, but at least I’m getting it posted!

Workout Goals for this Week:
Monday – Core Synergistics
Tuesday – Cardio X
Wednesday – Shoulders & Arms; Ab Ripper X
Thursday – Yoga X (at least 45 minutes of it)
Friday – Legs & Back; Ab Ripper X
Saturday – Kenpo X
Sunday – Rest

I really need to change my rest day to Saturday.  I am much more likely to work out on Sunday, as it tends to be a more laid back day for our family.  And I am excited to begin seeing definition in my shoulders!  (when the lighting is just right, and the mirror is far away.)

Dining Goals for this Week:
Monday – Pork Stir Fry over Rice; Fruit Salad
Tuesday – Out to eat for Crawfish!
Wednesday – BBQ Chicken; Garlic Skillet New Potatoes; Greens (if they haven’t gone bad…)
Thursday – Beef Burgundy; Egg Noodles; Roasted Beets & Feta
Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Eat out (it’s the norm.  I just don’t cook during the weekends because we aren’t home!)
*This menu was planned in large part by Menus 4 Moms unless otherwise noted.
I did make a “Red & Green Salad” for lunches this week!

Mixed Salad Greens
(2) Roma Tomatoes
Green Onions
(2) Roasted Beets
(2) Radishes

Topped with:
Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

My Weekend

So this weekend was our annual camping trip with G’s Girl Scout Troop.  We started with 11 girls and 6 moms.  We lost one early due to an upset stomach on Saturday.  It was hot.  And we didn’t find out until we checked out on Sunday that we could have requested the showers.  We just figured they would turn the water on closer to time for summer camps to start.  A cold shower would have felt really good on Saturday, but we survived!  We had so much fun hiking, and crafting, and cooking!  The girls played Marco Polo in all of their spare time.

What a great weekend!  I am so sad that this was our last outing with this troop of girls that Gillian and I have grown so close to.  I am looking forward to seeing what our new troop is involved in, though!

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