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>My week so far

May 5, 2011

>It has been a real struggle to find time to update!  I am such a perfectionist, that I want pictures and links, the perfect post, before I’ll publish!  So here’s my recap:

Food I Have Eaten This Week

My Workout Plan

Since I didn’t complete all of week 1 of P90X last week, I decided to make this week a part 2 of week 1.  I did not work out at all Sunday or Monday – bad Taryn – but on Tuesday I did Legs & Back and Ab Ripper X.  Wednesday I managed to complete 30 whole minutes of Yoga X!  I was very excited about that!  It was very difficult, and I was doing really well with my focus until Ron decided he just had to talk to me.  I convinced him that wasn’t a good idea and tried to get back into it, but developed a sharp pain in my lower abdomen during a plank.  It wouldn’t go away, and really hurt, so I decided to call it quits.  Tonight I will do Arms & Shoulders and as much of Ab Ripper X as I can before that pain comes back.  I am camping tomorrow and Saturday, so the goal is to wake up early to do Kenpo on Friday, then take the weekend off and start on Monday with week 2.  I am very proud of the progress I have made over the last two weeks.  I’ve managed to hang with the dvd’s for the most part.  I am sore, but I love it!  It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.  I love feeling the muscles in my legs working as I stand up from my desk or walk across the office!

On Sunday I will post the menu and workout plan for the week following.  I doubt I will post again before that.  Going camping with 11 3rd grade Girl Scouts won’t allow for much free time for posting.  I am looking forward to it, though I wish I could split myself into two in order to also spend the weekend at the lake with Ron! 

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