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>And we’re running

February 9, 2011

>We are snowed in yet again! However, it should be clear by tomorrow.
So far this week I have run 4.5 miles.  Yesterday I did 2.7.  It feels so good to actually start to see serious mileage on my 30 minute runs!  I should get 9 miles in this week, since there are two more runs in the plans.  That is very exciting!
Yesterday I also ran with my new HRM for the first time.  I loved it!  I can’t wait to see how many calories my kettlebell workout uses today!
Also, I’m sticking around the 121 lbs. mark.  I have tried to eat healthy, but haven’t really been too strict. 
I feel really good about where I am, and where I’ll be if I do get pg after this round of treatment.  I intend to still run the St Patrick’s Day 5K in Fort Worth regardless of the outcoem of this month.  I may just have to take it a little slower.  But at least I’ll still be working out. 

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