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>Day 1

January 10, 2011

>Weight: ? I couldn’t do it this morning.  Sorry!
Workout: W1D1 of C25K = 2.1 miles on the treadmill! (and I cleaned house all day, that counts, right?)

Today I decided to begin the blog of my travels.  From not happy about the way I look or feel to…. not sure where I’ll end up.  Looking forward to seeing where I go.  For now, my goal is to run a 25 minute 5k in March.  I will also be participating in the South Beach Cooking School Challenge.  I’ll keep you updated on both.
My spark: Packing up R’s parent’s home, J & I came across pictures of R’s mother from when the boys were small.  She was beautiful.  One picture in particular still stands out.  She was in her late 20’s in a shirt that showed her stomach.  She had already had two children, but was stunning.  In no picture since G was born, do I look, or feel, like she did in that one.  That will change. 
So today I wanted to run.  The weather outside:

And my treadmill looked like this:

because my bathroom looks like this:

But I cleaned it up, sucked it up, and ran.  Week 1, day 1 of C25K done, again.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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